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Scouts: 1st Nights Away of 2010

posted 6 Mar 2010, 06:44 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 6 Mar 2010, 06:58 ]
Last night 1st Fatfield Scouts pitched their tents for the first camp of the year. This weekend scouts are in for a traditional scout camp with backwoods cooking, firelighting, team challenges and outdoor games.

For many of the scouts last night was the first time they have had the chance to camp with the group and have a go at tent pitching. Many started the night not knowing a brailling from a dolly, but 3 mess tents, two hike tents and a patrol tent only took two hours with everyone getting involved.

After beds were laid out and sleeping arrangements sorted, the scouts went off to sit round the fire and warm up, on what was a distinctly chilly night.

Further updates will be posted over the weekend.