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Scouts: Adventure Blew Us Away

posted 11 Oct 2010, 12:36 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 11 Oct 2010, 12:42 ]
Proving we're up for an adventure, this weekend scouts from 3rd Washington and 1st Fatfield took to the water and to the trees for an action packed couple of days at Great Tower campsite in the Lakes.

Friday night was undoubtedly hard work as we pitched tents in the darkness and set up camp, but a cup of hot chocolate made it all worthwhile and we were ready for adventure on Saturday morning.

Some of our scouts faced their greatest fear as they took on the 'Leap of Faith' and the climbed the Jacob's ladder. To conquer the Leap of Faith, scouts ascended into the treeline, steadied themselves on the platform and leapt out to the trapeze bar hanging metres away. The Jacob's ladder tested how well our young people worked together and scouts took up the challenge 3 at a time. Scouts had to help each other as the higher the rungs became increasingly spaced making it harder and harder.

Scouts also made it out on to Windermere for a voyager canoe expedition. The paddling was hard work at times as the wind swept down the valley often pushing us near to the shore as we headed across the lake. The stunning Lake District views definitely made it worth while. See more images in our photo zone.