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Scouts: Back to the Future

posted 23 Feb 2012, 12:59 by Mark Madden   [ updated 23 Feb 2012, 13:02 ]
This week saw the completion of the first Scout programme of 2012 - 'Back to the Future'
This time we were taking part in the Promise Challenge which is all about exploring our beliefs and attitudes as a Scout.  Being a Scout means something.  Scouts have a set of values that help them become better people.  Of course this doesn't mean that having such values leads to being boring.  Far from it.  Scouts have a much better time in life.  Our Promise Challenge explores 'being a Scout'. 
We kicked off the programme with 'Why iScout' - Through a number of fast-paced, fun activities Scouts discussed values, duty and honour and real stuff that Scouts should know.  After all, it's why WE SCOUT!
Week 2 was back to the 'Old Skool' - Tonight, for 1 night only we re-visited Scouting past and played games 1908 style.  Out came the Scout staves and long forgotton games were played and we found out what being a Scout then matters to us as Scouts now.  The evening was rounded off with a yarn around a roaring campfire.
Over the next couple of weeks came 'arguMENTAL' and 'FriiSPRAY' - arguMENTAL saw patrols pitted against each other in a battle of wit and comic prowess and took debating to a new level, a humerous level.  Scouts argued the case for current issues and from Scouting days gone by.  Voices were raised, discussions were 'heated' but all remained in the best of good humour. 
Graffiti - Art or Vandalism?  Looks good or does it make a mess of shops and bus stops? 
RAY - Scouts discussed whether Street Art is mindless vandelism or art worthy of the finest galleries... We then explored the skill behind 'tags' as Scouts created their own.  This all culminated with each Patrol creating their own work of 'art'.  By the end of the evening there was as much paint on the Scouts as there was on the paper!
The programme came to an end on St. Valentine's Day - Scouts took part in 'The Most Un-Romantic Wide Game Ever' - A night time of fast-paced action in the dark to take down Eros - Not a love heart in sight...!
The Spring programme will be announced very soon so we can continue the Adventure - watch this space...