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Scouts go X'treme - An Autumn of Adventure

posted 10 Nov 2012, 06:24 by Mark Madden   [ updated 10 Nov 2012, 06:30 ]
As the evenings grew darker and before the icy fingers of Winter set in, the Autumn 'X'treme' programme was all about getting outside and taking part in some action packed activities.
We were going to try some new things that we hadn't tried before and some old favourites mixed up with an X'treme flavour...!
X'treme Food
Scouts attempted to cook things that they hadn't cooked before over an open fire - Chocolate treats with a chilli kick to spice
thing up!
As an added twist, Scouts tried their hand at a bit of X'treme fruit carving, there were many weird and wonderful creations
including the marvellous Keith Lemon (Orange)
X'treme Slide
What better way to spend a cold night at Scouts?  Getting wet and braving the X'treme Slide of course! 
Those who remember the waterslide from Summer Camps gone by, get ready...
Tonight we went FULL SCALE - BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, DARKER than ever before...!
20 metres of plastic sheeting, a hosepipe and 10 bottles of Fairy Liquid!  Then it was back into the HQ to relax with a steaming mug of Hot Chocolate - Brrrr!
X'treme Cache
Patrols pitted their wits against each other to solve the mystery of the Pirates Booty - Who would be triumphant?  Only those with X'treme Navigation skills!
X'treme Climb
Scouts headed to a local Indoor Climbing wall to test their mettle against the heights and overhangs, there were a number of Crag Rats in the making!
Those who hadn't climbed before conquered their fears and climbed to dizzy heights - some
even dared the 15 metre X'treme death drop!!
Think eggs, but think X'treme...
Scouts had only one night to complete the Eggs'treme 
engineering challenge.
Who could build the best project to protect their egg
from smashing to the ground when dropped from an
X'treme height (3 metres)?
X'treme Laser Battlefield
The finale of the programme was our big 'WOW' event - X'treme Laser Battlefield
We didn't go to it, it came to us - Battlefield Live came to 1st Fatfield's HQ for a full day of X'treme Laser Missions - Call of Duty Style. 
Leadership, tactical play and good old fun was had by all!
An exhausting but fun day and a perfect way to round off an action-packed programme (I think the leaders enjoyed it as much as the Scouts).
Our Winter programme will be launching soon - Your Scout leaders will be announcing it shortly...