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Scouts Jump Back and Forth

posted 16 Feb 2011, 13:18 by Philip A
Scouts have experienced 3 very different adventures over the last few weeks - with patrols tasting parkour, looking at Scouting in the future and whether robots will rule the world.

Our young people found out that free running (parkour as the French would say) is more than just jumping really high as they tasted the sport for the first time this programme. After a thorough warm-up and some team building activities, scouts learned some the basics of how to vault obstacles and how to roll safely without hurting your back. I don't know about anyone else, but it made me feel unfit!

Scouts have navigated their way back to the future doing the looking back activity and we hope we're developing some awesome navigators ready for the Maclaren Shield in May. As part of the activity our young people discovered that Washington is a town which has some hidden histories. It's hard to believe that steam trains passed through the town on a busy railway line and that the now flat Washington School playing fields were once a giant pit heap.

This week, three of our patrols had the chance to experiment with robotics, to see whether dreams of a robot to do all of their coursework and tidy their bedrooms are many years away. Scouts were able to programme the robots to make simple moves, but no one could programme it to become a room homework helper. Maybe next week's patrols will have more luck.

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