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Scouts: Say Yair to Adventure

posted 6 Jul 2010, 15:06 by Jonathan Chicken   [ updated 6 Jul 2010, 15:07 by Stephen Harrison ]
This weekend, the leader team visited Yair House to check out the Summer Camp site. We did our risk assessments, planned where the six patrols will camp and began to imagine the views across the Tweed in camp down the Yair Valley. We even planned the spot where the legendary toilet suite will be sited! Summer camp this year will be our biggest ever, with almost 70 of us camping on site. Highlights include Rock UK Adventure Centre, Mountain Biking at Glentress (Scotland's premier mountain bike area), Survival24 in the Yair Forest and a surprise visit to Edinburgh Zoo. Clearly something for everyone.

Sadly, the weather when we visited didn't quite hold up and embarrassingly, our usually prepared leader team were a little....wet.

Scouts from 1st Fatfield balance a challenging, adventurous outdoor programme with elements of traditional 'green field' camping. Camping encourages young people to live together, making decisions, negotiating and understanding the importance of team work. It's the highlight of our year and each year continues to grow in popularity among adults and young people alike.