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Summer Camp Delayed

posted 17 Jul 2009, 04:43 by Jonathan Chicken   [ updated 18 Jul 2009, 04:45 by Stephen Harrison ]

Given the really awful weather we have had today, I have taken the decision to delay the start of summer camp for 24 hours. This decision has been made following advice around weather, local conditions in Appletreewick and above all everyone’s wellbeing and enjoyment.


We have many young campers this year and a wet start and a heavy day with the possibility of wet bags and wet tentage will not give scouts the best start to a weeklong adventure. It’s not about being afraid of the weather but rather about us all having a good time...our primary aim!


Arrangements are now:


1.  Meet Sunday 19th July, 9am at St. Andrews Church. All other details remain unchanged.




Will the cost of camp change?

Unfortunately not, since we’re literally all bought and ready to go.

What if the weather is still bad on Saturday?

All indications are that the weather will improve on Saturday. If this is not the case then contact will be made by website and telephone to everyone.

What if we have family holiday plans?

Adult leaders will do their best to support particular needs, Arrangements will be made for individual families.



If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.