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Frozen fun and fish 'n' chips - 1st Fatfield do Gainford

posted 7 Mar 2011, 08:47 by Philip A   [ updated 11 Mar 2011, 01:36 by Scott Ormston ]
This weekend Scouts and Leaders from 1st Fatfield braved freezing temperatures and dark places during their first nights away of 2011. Young people benefitted from a weekend packed with activities and adventure that pushed their knowledge and skills to the edge. The main focus, however, was to have a brilliant time!

After unpacking on Friday night, Scouts walked out of the light of town, down an eerie track to find somewhere dark enough to see all of the stars in the sky.  Alarmingly though, the calm field with a flowing stream that everybody thought they were standing beside... Turned out to be a GRAVEYARD. The walk back to the HQ rapidly turned into a run, as even the leaders felt shivers going down their spines.

On Saturday morning, Scouts were challenged by the ‘’flipping good’’ pancake relay, a geocaching race to Gainford’s Spa fountain (which was further away than expected) and finally they were taught to play the ancient game of Kabbadi.

Once lunch was over, everyone set out for a picturesque walk along the river Tees from Eggleston Abbey to the small village of Whorlton. Scouts took turns to lead the way using maps and GPS, and managed not to get lost, even when a field of sheep was thrown into the equation. After just over three miles, everyone wished the walk was further, but were glad to be heading back to somewhere warm.

Fish & Chips was a welcome treat on Saturday evening after the day’s activities, but there was no time to sit and relax as it was time to head back to Egglestone Abbey. This was the site for the night’s widegame, a sinister shadowy structure sitting in the mist against the night sky, perfect for a frightening game of hide and seek. Where the Leaders hid, and the Scouts sought.

Scouts spent Sunday pioneering and playing games. Working together to build a structure strong enough to allow their team to cross like monkeys. It was all going so well, until one of our young leaders chanced a go. The cracking sound said it all as he fell to the ground with a thud.

Check the members’ area HERE, for photos of the weekend.