There are 3 different types of boot to choose from:
  1. Lightweight for day walks
  2. Middleweight for backpacking
  3. Mountaineering boots

Light to midweight boots are ideal for scouting as they offer ankle support and protection from rough terrain. They are great for activities like completing expedition challenge and they are almost essential wear at camp when the weather gets wet.

Boots should be worn in gradually before they are worn for a long period of time. Thick hiking socks are a must.

It is often possible to purchase a decent pair of second hand boots for not much cost and as a bonus they'll already be worn in.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are usually classified into seasons. A four season sleeping bag is suitable for use all year round, where a 3 season my not provide enoguh warmth during the depth of winter. Each sleeping bag will have it's own guide to the temperatures it can be used at.
For most scouting activities a 3 season sleeping bag will more than suffice however it has been known to be more than a bit chilly at camp Frostie in Feb.
Choose a sleeping bag which fits the activities that you like doing for example if you do not intend to take on an expedition then there is no need to buy a bag which is super light.
Try the bag on in the shop - this may seem a bit odd, but it means you can see if you like the inside material against your skin and whether you like the shape.

Choose a jacket that fits properly. You don't want a jacket that restricts your movement - it's not great for putting a tent up in the rain! Equally a waterproof which is too baggy can get caught on things which isn't great if you're riding a bike.
Ideally the jacket should have a high zip and a storm flap to keep the elements out.
Make sure that the seems are sealed - this is a requirement for the jacket to be classed as a waterproof. Look for a hood which can be done up so as to protect in the cold.
Look for draw cords on the jacket to give increased flexibility for what can be worn underneath or to allow greater movement during an activity.